Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morrissey: Another Who Has Suffered Prejudice

Once lunatics get their knives into you, they never know when to stop. There is little or no difference between the music-press journalists of the 1990s and the McCann supporters of today. Doesn't matter what you have to say, they don't want to listen. As Moz sings, "It's easier to hate than it is to love." But, he's still going strong, and so am I, which ultimately proves that hatred and spite do not win!
I was invited to a Morrissey concert in 1992, and was standing at the bar next to two journalists--I won't say which publications they represented, only that one was the NME and the other Melody Maker. They were writing a review of the show before he even went on stage, and proudly boasting to each other that 'this poncy sh*t' was not going to get a good review from them, and neither was his album. Point: ALL of Morrissey's albums have reached #1 in the charts.
The same happens when I publish a book. Fruitloops leave bad reviews, sometimes before the book comes out. I've had a couple already for the new book, and it won't be out for another month. I got some pretty lousy reviews for my Judy Garland book on Amazon--they'd read this, I'd written this. Save that there never was a Judy Garland book. It was a two-book deal I had with Anonymous. They published the first, Barbra Streisand, but went bust while Judy was in production. Point: the books sell, whatever the reviews are like.
Though I want nothing more to do with the McCann circus, I do nip into the arena from time time to see what the chimps are up to. Today there's a lady called Joy, who has offered an opinion they don't like. The knives are out, and some. That's why I called it a day. Not worth getting het up any more about somebody else's kid. Threats, doorstep visits, nasty missives, threats, offers from hit-men to 'solve' the problem have never been my bag. I defended Morrissey from such creeps, and far from wanting me to perish in a hotel fire (as had happened with Mr Rogan) he kindly said that he would like to dust me down and place me on his mantelpiece. He's a good man, is Our Moz.

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