Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Just A Wee Political Prediction

Din-Dins on Friday at Number 10. Lots of grinning and gurning and kissing of rear ends.

International Missing Children's Day, minus Winnie Bennett.

A day which, I predict wholly without accusation, will inadvertently bring down this coalition. Can't remember who said it--other than it was someone prominent--but it's widely believed that this government farce, this trio of Shylocks wanting their two pounds of flesh, will cease to operate  in November.

The Three Stooges--Cameron, Clegg & Cable--appear to me to be doing their best to bring this country to its knees
Never before have there been so many poor people struggling to rise above the breadline.

Every single day there appears to be another new tragedy and one wonders and cringes at how it will all end.

Yet lurking in the wings of the coalition circus is one little Oliver Twist voice which cries, "Please sir, I want more!"

Everyone wants more! Our hospitals want more. Our cancer hospices want more. Our schools want more. Dozens of genuine, heartfelt causes want more.
Yet few have anything left to give.

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