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Greta Garbo: Divine Star Film Option Signed!

Greta Garbo: Divine Star

Film option signed!

The Robson Press Actors' Guild

dracula.jpgThe Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and there’s one film in particular which has caught our attention here at The Robson Press; Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D premiered at the festival. Reviews have been um, shall we say less than favourable – I believe the exact words used by The Hollywood Reporter were ‘risible gothic trash’. It’s always irritating when a great novel gets a disappointing Hollywood makeover.
Perhaps if Dario had got himself a copy of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker, things would have turned out better. If ONLY he’d had access to Stoker’s private thoughts and his developing style, from a veritable treasure trove of oddities, musings and anecdotes, he might have understood the author of Dracula, thus the novel, better, and produced a better film. I’M JUST SAYING.
Whilst we’re all in the grip of film fever I also thought it prudent to bring you the best of our own stars of the screen. Who needs to go to Cannes when you’ve got The Robson Press?
Ryan O’Neal – Ryan is, of course, best known for his role in the soap opera Peyton Place and for his roles in such films as Paper Moon and Love Story, for which he received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations as Best Actor. He is also known for his turbulent relationship with actress Farrah Fawcett, which recounts in Both of Us: My Life With Farrah
Stefanie Powers – known for her role in Hart to Hart, Stefanie has notched up so many stage, screen and TV credits, that her name alone recalls memories as varied as her roles. She recounts these tales, as well as her relationship with actor William Holden in her autobiography, One From The Hart. Recently she starred in On Golden Pond, and has supported the Daily Telegraph’s lunch cancer awareness campaign.
Dyan Cannon - Dyan Cannon is an award-winning film and television actress, director, screenwriter, editor, and producer. She was married to actor Cary Grant, a tale that she recalls in Dear Cary, which contains rare, personal photos and never-before-seen letters and notes from Grant. Nowadays you’re likely to find her giving out her homemade brownies at Lakers games. A Hollywood star, sports fan and provider of baked goods? Well, she has my vote.
Michael Winner – I can’t see this being the case for anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave, but just in case you need an introduction, Michael Winner is a British film director, producer and restaurant critic, who tells the stories from his exciting life in Tales I Never Told! Of course, in later years he has become known for his catchphrase ‘calm down, dear’. Even David Cameron has used it, although to, um, less effect than the master himself.
Esther Rantzen – we don’t just draw our authors from the movies. Oh no. Esther Rantzen’s That’s Life! graced our screens for 21 years, from 1973 to 1994. She is, of course, also the founder of ChildLine, the first national helpline for children in the world, the story of which she tells in Running Out Of Tears: the moving personal story of ChildLine’s children over 25 years
Steven Berkoff – Steven has become known for his sinister roles over the years, from playing General Orlov in Octopussy, to saying that he finds playing evil roles 'flattering'. Of course, that doesn’t actually make him EVIL. Why would his memoir, Tales From An Actor’s Life, be nominated for the Sheridan Morley Prize for Theatre Biography if he was evil?! JUST SAYING.
p.s. We don't just publish books by film stars. We also publish books about them. David Bret's Greta Garbo is due to be published on the 20th June, and is the first to fully investigate the two so-called missing periods in Garbo's life. The first, when Garbo disappeared completely for several months, was almost certainly to conceal a pregnancy. The second occurred during World War Two, when Garbo was employed by British Intelligence to track down Nazi sympathisers. It looks like Garbo fever is also alive elsewhere; Bret has just signed an option contract for a major film, provisionally entitled Greta Garbo: Being Alone to be based on the book.


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