Saturday, 12 May 2012

Gigi L'Amoroso

The splendiforous Gigi Buffon.
It's almost time for UEFA 2012, and I don't mind who wins so long as it's Italy.
If Italy don't get through to the final, there's always second favourite Portugal. My youngest dog, Ricardo Casillas, is named after the Portuguese and Spanish goalies. We met Ricardo a few years back in Lisbon.
Italy has been my team for as long as I can remember--never France, and certainly not England, who if they're true to form will be out in the first round.
Three years ago when I was filming Rudy in Milan, the producer surprised me by having several of the team turn up for lunch. Later in the week we went out on the razzle with a couple of them, and nicer young chaps you could not wish to meet. We drank rather a lot of wine and sang a few Milva songs. Then it snowed for the first time in years. I think the heavens were trying to tell us something! 

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