Thursday, 17 May 2012

Donna Summer Dies: One Less Homophobe To Plague The Planet

She was only one step to the left of arch bigots such as Bernard Manning and that puerile vicar who proclaimed on News At Ten that he was happy that his teenage son had hanged himself--better that, the evil cleric said, than to havehad  the shame of his being outed as gay.

Donna Summer made her name as a Hi-energy disco queen. She earned her spondoolies--millions of them--by way of the gay community who played her records endlessly in clubs and discos. Until, that is, she opened her mouth and the hatred came spewing out.

AIDS, she declared, was God's punishment to the gay community.

Naturally, this affected her career. Hi-energy was as essential to the gay scene as poppers and Peter Tatchell. They did not like it. Concerts were cancelled, records were publicly burned. The vitriol was enormous, and deserved. Freddie Mercury and Rock Hudson were in receipt of some of the most cruel tabloid headlines I have ever seen. Rock in particular had been visited by Christian fanatics--singer Pat Boone, accompanied by his wife and three daughters, armed with a message from God. It's all in my book, Rock Hudson. "I feel that God does not necessarily regard a killer any different than a homosexual," Debbie Boone said, equating gay to be as sinful as murder. The supreme insult, I levelled at her at the time, writing of her visit, "Though it probably did not hasten Rock's end, it certainly did little to make his last moments comfortable."

Donna Summer belonged to that hate brigade, and her passing leaves me completely unmoved. Aware of her gaff, and with her career on the slide and the cash flow much decreased, she tried to say that her comments had been misinterpreted--that's after she'd first said she'd never made them.  Then she tried blaming her 'team'. Some believed her, many did not.

Which brings to mind a comment made by the equally loathsome Bernard Manning, some years ago on The Eamonn Andrews Show upon the demise of Sid Vicious, "Let's hope the dustbin men go on strike in time for the funeral."

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