Monday, 14 May 2012

The Daily Star & The Gay Dog: As Sad As It Gets

BRITAIN’S Got Talent winner Pudsey is hiding a gay secret and has a boyfriend.

It's a sad, sad state of affairs when this is all that a so-called major newspaper can find to put on its front page.
Pudsey, the dog who won Britain's Got Talent, apparently bats for the other side.
Two soldiers were killed in Afghanistan yesterday, prompting ITV to reschedule an episode of Vera, because this formed part of its storyline. And quite rightly so. Our boys deserve respect. They are dying for nothing--because a couple of politicians couldn't keep their snouts out of other people's affairs.
Five children--six, now--died in a fire and a community is in mourning.
And The Daily Star runs this headline.
Recently I was involved in a nonsensical saga--no names, no pack drill--which I subsequently washed my hands of. A handful of lunatics clung to every word printed about this The Daily Star, famed only for seedy, grossly exaggerated stories, breasts, £3 family holidays, breasts, tacky journalists, and breasts. ONLY they printed the silly stories about the silly saga.
There I rest my case. 

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